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Public decisions support:
InfoHarvest works with mediators and independent 3rd parties to engage the public in complex public decisions.

Current and recent projects: Public participation projects
Case Study: Clackamas County Wastewater Treatment Plan

Criterium DecisionPlus

Our desktop software, Criterium DecisionPlus (CDP) 3.0 is a visual decision tool that helps you make decisions and communicate your recommendations effectively.

CDP Resources:
 ¤ Walk-thru CDP 3.0
 ¤ CDP 3.0 Features
 ¤ Place CDP Order
 ¤ CDP Training
 ¤ Selected CDP Customers
CDP Applications:
 ¤ Vendor Selection
 ¤ Capital Project Investment
 ¤ Project Management Decisions
 ¤ Resource Management
 ¤ Procurement Decisions

New & Noteworthy

May 2017 - New CDP Engine delivered for use in EMDS
InfoHarvest has built a new CDP engine from the ground up and delivered it, as its first use, to the Ecosystem Management Decision Support System (EMDS v5).

November 2016 - Spatial Decision Support Consortium has new web home Infoharvest is a founding member fo the SDS Consortium, which has a moved to a new website - .

November 2014 - Aug 2015 - online MCDS for Santa Cruz Infoharvest used DecisionHarvest technology to provide online Multicriteria Decision support for the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Board" planning process.

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