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Public decisions support:
InfoHarvest works with mediators and independent 3rd parties to engage the public in complex public decisions.

Current and recent projects: Public participation projects
Case Study: Clackamas County Wastewater Treatment Plan

Criterium DecisionPlus

Our desktop software, Criterium DecisionPlus (CDP) 3.0 is a visual decision tool that helps you make decisions and communicate your recommendations effectively.

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New & Noteworthy

May 23rd 2018 - Session at 2018 WA URISA Conference
InfoHarvest reported on research on an approach to prioritizing Active Transportation projects in smaller cities. It was the first use of our new City Priority Mapper tool. ( Session Abstract).

Apr 5th 2018 - Presentation at 2018 Salish Sea Conference InfoHarvest and partners working on the Tulalip Tribes' Harmonization project gave a presentation on A decision support framework to assess and prioritize recovery actions for salmon in the Puget Sound at the 2018 Salish Sea Conference.

Feb 2018 - EMDS 6.0 Released
InfoHarvest's CDP engine is part of the newly released version 6 of the Ecosystem Management Decision Support system (EMDS). This version of the EMDS work on all ArcMap 10.x versions, and handles large vector and raster datasets.

July 2017 - Launched development of the City Priority Mapper
InfoHarvest has started work on a spatial systen for creating portfolios of projects (sidewalks, road improvements, active transportatio, etc) for small cities. The tool builds on the prioritization capabilities of CDP prioritization within the EMDS frameowrk. created can use to to the Ecosystem Management Decision Support System (EMDS v5).

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