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Criterium DecisionPlus 3.0 
Criterium® DecisionPlus® 3.0

The leading 32-bit Windows® decision manager that helps you move quickly to a decision and successfully promote your recommendations.

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Use Criterium® DecisionPlus® 3.0 to manage the entire decision process. Applying a structured methodology to decision making, Criterium® DecisionPlus® helps you make precise, thoughtful, and completely supportable decisions -- Quickly and efficiently!

Criterium® DecisionPlus® 3.0 is our current version and is available now. Direct Tradeoffs, larger models, powerful graphics and extensive options means that CDP 3.0 supports insightful, persuasive decision making faster and for more complex models than ever.

CDP 3.05 Operating System Requirments

This is a 32-bit Windows application that runs on Windows95®, Windows98®, Windows NT 4.0®(SP3 and higher), Win2000®, and WindowsXP® . CDP 3.x will NOT install on Windows Vista®. It can be installed on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 as an XP compatible app Windows 7 & 8 but it has an issue with black backgrounds that requires a workaround.

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Criterium DecisionPlus 3.0
The Weighted Decision Object 3.0 (WDObj)

The WDObj encapsulates the decision processing capability of Criterium® DecisionPlus® in an ActiveX (COM) object.

Incorporate the WDObj into your applications and add the ability to apply the decision making models you create with CDP to automate decisions. WDO enables you to go beyond data access and build applications that implement true decision analysis with tradeoffs, prioritization, and contributions analysis.

The WDObj is designed to be incorporated into applications developed with Windows COM development languages such as MS Visual Basic or C++. This development kit ships with a demo application that allows you to apply CDP models directly to an arbitrary MS Access table.

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