Bring the power and ease of use of CDP to the web

What is Decision Hosting?

DecisionHosting is an online service powered by InfoHarvest's DecisionHarvest technology enabling our clients to publish their Criterium DecisionPlus models to the web for data gathering, preference surveying and results/analysis sharing.

What does Decision Hosting do for me?

Decision Hosting lets you gather criteria weights or alternatives ratings from key decision-makers and diverse stakeholders online. Decision Hosting gives you the ability to take the specialized decision models you build and validate on your desktop and publish them to the web for data gathering, real-time results and analysis.

How does Decision Hosting work?

Build and test your specialized decision model using Criterium DecisionPlus. Zip your .cdp file and e-mail it to InfoHarvest for posting online. Within one business day you will receive return e-mail from InfoHarvest with an URL address at which you and your clients can view the model and the password giving you can provide to those you want to access the online model.

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