Technical Support for Criterium DecisionPlus 3.0.5

  1. CDP DOES install on Windows 7.x, 8.x as an XP compatible application
  2. CDP does not install on Windows Vista
  3. Value Function Dialog opens off screen
  4. Drop-down backgrounds appear black under WinXP, Windows 7.x, 8.x and 10.x
  5. Student version detects Full version component
  6. Installing on NT 4.0 Client
  7. Always Re-entering Serial Numbers on NT 4.0 Client
  8. Rare problem with Windows95 install
  9. Rare problem with Slow File Saves

1. CDP DOES install on Windows 7.x and 8.x as an XP compatible application

Description When installing CDP 3.05 on Windows 7.x and 8.x, you must install it as a Windows XP compatible application.

How To

  1. Right click the CDP setup file where you downloaded it,
  2. select Properties
  3. click the Compatibility tab and
  4. check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for: " and
  5. make sure you select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)", then
  6. click OK, and run the EXE
The install should progress to the finish, and CDP launch.
Note: You must use the installer from the 3.05x download. If you only have the a CD, contact tech support for a link to the most up to date installer.
Note2: See the required workaround for black backgrounds

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2. CDP does not install on Windows Vista

Description [#2031]

The current Windows Installer will fail on any version of Windows Vista.

Explanation Some 3rd party components in the current code base are incompatible with Windows Vista.

Resolution: None - we are focusing on Win 7 (see above)

Workaround You can install Microsoft's free Virtual PC and use it to load an XP Operating system. CDP will then install without a problem into that virtual XP machine.

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3. Value Function Dialog appears off screen

Description [#1985]

Depending on your screen resolution and position of the Ratings Dialog when you launch the Value Function dialog, part of the dialog may appear off-screen. This is especially problematic when the title bar of the dialog is off the top of the screen, so you can not drag the title bar to reposition the dialog.

Explanation Code to position the Dialog on launch does not allow for higher resolution.

Resolution: Pending

Workaround In the event that the title bar is off-screen, use the key board to reposition the dialog as follows:

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4. Background to drop down list boxes appear black under Windows XP, 7.x, 8.x and 10.x

Description [#1977]

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5. Student version detects Full version component

Description [#2011]

You install the Student version of CDP, but when you try to run the program, you get a message:
You appear to have the Student version of CDP on your computer, whilst you downloaded the full version exe. The software will cease to operate.


Usially this situation arises because either
  1. there was a copy of the Full version of CDP on your machine at some point in the past,
  2. or an update for the Full version was added over the Student version.


  1. Uninstall any CDP updates (via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)
  2. Uninstall the Student version (via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)
  3. In Windows Explorer, make sure that the file Cdplus30.exe had been removed from the CDP application directory
    [Directory Default: C:\Program Files\InfoHarvest\Criterium DecisionPlus]
    -- If the file Cdplus30.exe was not removed by the uninstall program, delete it manually
  4. Re-install the Student version
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6. Installing on NT 4.0 Client


In most cases, installing Criterium DecisionPlus will require that a critical system file on your machine be updated to the latest version from Microsoft. YOU MUST HAVE ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES ON YOUR MACHINE FOR THAT UPDATE TO BE ALLOWED. If you do not have such privileges, the installation will appear to succeed, but when you attempt to launch CDP 3.0 you will receive a message to the effect that this application requires a newer version of "OLEAUT32.DLL".


CDP 3.0 requires version 2.40.4268 or later of "OLEAUT32.DLL" from Microsoft. If your system has an older version, the installation program will attempt to replace it with version 2.40.4268. You must log on with a user ID that has Administrator Privileges on your LOCAL machine, otherwise NT security will prevent "OLEAUT32.DLL" from being updated. While the installation will seem to finish successfully, and even if you restart Windows as instructed, CDP 3.0 will not run. Instead you will receive a message to the effect that "this application requires a newer version of "OLEAUT32.DLL"".


Consult with your System Administrator and obtain a log on ID with LOCAL Administrator Privileges, log on with that ID, then run the the file Vbrun60.exe in the Utility directory on your CDP 3.0 CD ROM. (This file can also be obtained directly from Microsoft - click here.)
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7. Always Re-entering Serial Numbers on NT 4.0 Client

Always being prompted for Name, Company and Serial Number when launching CDP and being shown an error message when exiting CDP

Description [#1864 ]

Users had to enter their name company and Serial Number every time they used CDP if they were running on Windows NT client (or Windows 98 running off NT) without local admin permissions.


CDP 3.0.1 would try and recreate the corresponding registry keys each time it would attempt to save the user information at the end of a session.


Download and install Update1. This bug was fixed in Build
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8. Windows95 Setup Fix


A few users running Windows 95 have reported that CDP 3.0 Setup runs and completes, but gives them the message that either the file vcfi5.ocx or VSPELL32.OCX fails to self register.


  1. Uninstall the problematic CDP Install
  2. Download and install Microsoft's VB6Run time files.
  3. Reinstalling CDP should correctly register those files.
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9. Rare Problem with Slow File Saves

Description [#1943]

On any machine with low memory (e.g., with 32MB RAM or with more RAM but a lot of applications running) the read/write methods CDP uses apparently become very slow (as in 4-6 MINUTES to save a file with around 100 nodes). This is irrespective of whether the file is being saved to a local or network drive.
During the time CDP is performing the glacial save of a .cdp file, the CDP application appears to become unresponsive. It looks like it has hung, and indeed if you bring up Task Manager, Task Manager lists the CDP application as NOT RESPONDING. However, if you go get a cup of coffee, CDP will finish the save, in time. If instead you use Task Manager to kill the CDP application during the save process, you will irreversibly corrupt your existing CDP file.


We are looking into speeding up the save process. In the meantime, please be patient and let the software finish the save process.
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Further Technical Support from InfoHarvest Inc.

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