decision model How should you structure your decision?

CDP will help you see which alternative is the best decision and help convince others that there is no better. CDP's brainstorming allows you to set up even complex problems quickly, assured that you have covered all the bases and considered all the alternatives.

CDP generates a decision hierarchy from your brainstorming model. Editing and restructuring this hierarchy is just a drag & drop away - adding criteria a double-click away.


rating the model

How do you input your information?

CDP lets you work with numbers, bar graphs, words, or any combination that gets the balance right for your presentation requirements. You can set rules so candidates in a hiring decision are automatically red-flagged if they have too few years of experience. You can assign value distributions when you know the information you have about your alternatives is uncertain. CDP supports custom scales so the information you gather is easy to understand and review.

CDP's non-linear "value functions" let you represent real-world situations. When evaluating houses on a scale of 1 to 10, where 9 means structurally unsound, and 10 means tottering over a precipice, you can capture the urgency of the tottering house.

As you change values in the model, all analysis and results windows are updated in real time to help you see the impact of your judgements.

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