decision scores What is the suggested choice?

When you have included the relevant information, a click of the mouse presents your first results - every alternative with its own decision scores, the higher value meaning the higher priority, alternatives that fail rules flagged in red. The alternative with the highest decision score should be the one that best meets your criteria, but you probably have additional questions and concerns that you need covered. CDP's analysis screens help you investigate the model for reasonableness and robustness so you can put your mind at ease.




analytics screensDoes the model make sense?

The Analysis by Contributions and Tradeoff Analysis windows show you the reasonableness of the model. A stacked bar graph showing the contribution of each criterion to an alternative's total score shows why the leading alternative out-scores the others.

The trade-off window helps you zero in on whether your trade-offs between criteria are acceptable: are you trading off a reduction of $100,000 in waste remediation costs against 10 likely cancer deaths?

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