Criterium® DecisionPlus® 4.0 Beta Update Page

Nearly there - this is the Release Candidate version of CDP 4. Barring any major errors being discovered, this will be what we release as CDP4 in March, 2019.

You can download the latest CDP 4.0 Beta of InfoHarvest's decision management software from this web page.

To legally download and be able run this "Beta Update" you must

Beta Last Updated - Mar 4, 2019, version
  1. Click here to download the zipped file (2.2 MB)
  2. Go the Windows Explorer folder where you downloaded it
  3. Extract all - produces the executable CDPlus40.exe and a help file cdecplusHTML.chm
  4. Copy those two extracted files to the folder where you had installed the original CDP4 beta - e,g, C:\Program File (x86)\InfoHarvest\Criterium DecisionPlus. Overwrite the existing CDPlus40.exe executable - you will need admin rights.
Notes on current (Mar 7th Release Candidate v4.7.0.13) Beta vs last Beta:
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