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Subject: County Commissioners accept wastewater treatment facility implementation plan

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Clackamas County Commissioners accept wastewater treatment

facility implementation plan


The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners today formally approved the Wastewater Treatment Facility Implementation Plan based on recommendations from its Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC).


“Our community is about to embark on one of the largest wastewater treatment projects in recent history – a comprehensive program that will address short-term growth challenges and long-term community needs for a cleaner and safer community,” said Commissioner Martha Schrader.


The plan itself identifies three parallel efforts that will need to take place simultaneously. Those efforts include addressing short-term wastewater treatment needs for Clackamas County Service District #1; completing the site planning for a new wastewater treatment plant; and launching a community-wide discussion on common wastewater challenges.


“Considering the complexity and magnitude of this type of capital improvement project, we feel strongly that this plan has produced near consensus among stakeholders,” said Commissioner Bill Kennemer.  “We especially thank the members of our advisory board and citizens who got involved during this eight month process.  We feel comfortable in moving this plan forward.”


The plan was developed in response to three major factors. The Kellogg sewage treatment plant is over 30 years old and nearing capacity. In addition, new federal wastewater treatment regulations, along with projected growth in the North Clackamas County service area required the development of a wastewater strategic plan.


The Clackamas County Service District No. 1 CAC submitted its final four-part recommendation to the BCC on November 2, 2006.  After hearing considerable testimony from the community, the BCC directed Water Environment Services (WES) staff to prepare an implementation plan. That plan was formalized today by the Board of Commissioners.


The plan, which outlines the processes, decisions, and timelines needed to implement the CAC’s recommendations, is available online at 


For more information, contact Hilda Stevens, WES Community Relations at (503) 353-4561 or email



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